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Pre-Employment Screening

Searchlink is a full service, nationwide wholesale company. Our primary focus is on pre-employment screening. We offer excellent turnaround, pricing and customer service.
Our company has experienced researchers at the court house waiting and ready for you. We search applicants for all felonies and misdemeanors at the county level. We also offer a wide variety of other searches including civil records, UCC, driving records and more.

Why Call Searchlink?

Work place theft is on the rise and experts are debating whether the economic downturn is to blame. Also, layoffs and cut backs may have left workers feeling that their employers owe them more than they are getting, so they retaliate with theft. Click here to view some case studies.
Do you want a person with a criminal record greeting your cusomters? 15-20% of the nation's workforce has had some form of a criminal record.

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